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Comissions open!

2017-10-02 13:54:42 by PsioDex


Working on comissions for personal sketches of yours! only $4.00 USD there are no shade, color, background fees! A full piece for $4.00 USD Send me a pm for more details!

I'll also freehand draw for you as well but thats costs $5.00 USD! Just dm what you want drawn and send payment and ill get to it immediately!

My Shadman sketch to digital!5984511_150696805641_ad21.png

UPDATE 9/26/17

2017-09-26 19:33:13 by PsioDex

So as you know my art throw out speed has been declining, but im trying to keep it in neutral speed so i can evenly get important things done, especially with school and all that, its been rough these past 2 months and im having to do everything i can to at least shed a little art here and there, ive also decided to take a break from "Socializing for a bit" this includes Discord, NG Chat, yadda yadda yadda. Im not sure where i stand with art at the moment but the stakes are high for me to continue art for the rest of the year, maybe i can try and get one out every month or so, i tend to do so anyways, maybe add a little extra. I do not like putting myself on a schedule it only stresses me out and it is not good for my health, but maybe once a month ill dish out some art or maybe ill just dish out art whenever i think i have the time to do so. In the meantime, just stick with the fact that I still will be creating art for the rest of year while i see what comes for me in the future. 

5984511_150573170671_bootyscooty.jpgdo it.

Art slow down

2017-08-13 03:28:43 by PsioDex

School has started which means artwork will be slow this month, also im ditching the idea of season 2 and sticking to random art. but yeah please understand that school is very important to me and i must work and focus on it more. thanks

Ankle surgery(part 2): Recovery

2017-07-25 13:16:26 by PsioDex

Surgery started 7/25/17 6:30 AM and ended at 10:43 AM 
They had put on a wrap around the area of surgery had taken place and then topped it off with a locking cast, the key is something my mother and sister only own so i cannot take it off until signs of healing have been observed. I will be making a full recovery by the end of august. but i am okay and i survived surgery thanks for being there guys, i was really worried. anywho talk to you later -Psio

Ankle surgery

2017-07-23 16:49:04 by PsioDex

so a couple weeks ago i had snapped my ankle severing the bone in 2 so i need surgery now cause of the bone being unable to heal, surgery starts this wednesday and supposedly they are going to cut all the way to the top of the calf to fix my ankle and i ask why and they said they have to put long metal rods in. and they stay in until that bone is back in place because every time i walk the bone just moves and is unable to fix so rods are the next best thing . wish me luck.

5984511_150084278893_InkedRioTintoMedical2017_20_7_844am_LI.jpgThis is the X-Ray that had been delivered via email this morning. this was taken before the had moved it back into place so it can heal, sadly that did not work. again. Wish me luck 

Season 2 Started

2017-07-21 14:24:40 by PsioDex


This seasons genre of artwork includes; Gore, insanity, serial killers, slasher killers and lots of blood and murder this is probably the most fucked up season ill do due to demands from the fans, hope you all will enjoy and hate this season as much as i will omg lmao.

Special thanks to: @BigDaddyHerpes @Malachy @Collio @AliceMako @Nova For all the ideas and paths to help me with this season. love you guys!

@sukiwukidookie will be collabing this season to speed things up! check the website for more!

The first piece of Season 2 will begin on August 2nd


Steven universe art coming soon

2017-07-03 00:04:14 by PsioDex

Hey yall! im working on steven universe artwork in 30 days or less please vote on which character using comments!

the reason for 30 days cause i am in utah right now with family and i didnt bring my drawing tablet so RIP

Vote ends on August 1st 2017, if votes are not validated or posted! 

ill update this every 24 hours if votes are posted

-Peridot          5984511_149905465292_latest.png[0] vote(s)

-Garnet          5984511_149905464892_latest.png[0] vote(s)

-Pearl                5984511_149905464743_latest.png[2] vote(s)

-Lapis Lazuli 5984511_149905464681_latest.png[2] vote(s)

Get to voting everyone! <3 -PsioDex

Secondary Artist

2017-06-11 17:11:48 by PsioDex

On my website i now have a secondary artist known as @SukiWukiDookie

He will be collaborating with me there to help the site grow and stay more active

plus it i nice to have a co-artist around so you dont feel isolated on the internet lmao

go check him out he is a nice guy and i feel like him and i will make a great collaberation 

To be or not to be

2017-06-05 06:40:53 by PsioDex

Artwork flowing more freely but slowly dont expect much but that does not mean im stopping the whole chain here.