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Steven universe art coming soon

2017-07-03 00:04:14 by PsioDex

Hey yall! im working on steven universe artwork in 30 days or less please vote on which character using comments!

the reason for 30 days cause i am in utah right now with family and i didnt bring my drawing tablet so RIP

Vote ends on August 1st 2017, if votes are not validated or posted! 

ill update this every 24 hours if votes are posted

-Peridot          5984511_149905465292_latest.png[0] vote(s)

-Garnet          5984511_149905464892_latest.png[0] vote(s)

-Pearl                5984511_149905464743_latest.png[2] vote(s)

-Lapis Lazuli 5984511_149905464681_latest.png[2] vote(s)

Get to voting everyone! <3 -PsioDex

Secondary Artist

2017-06-11 17:11:48 by PsioDex

On my website i now have a secondary artist known as @SukiWukiDookie

He will be collaborating with me there to help the site grow and stay more active

plus it i nice to have a co-artist around so you dont feel isolated on the internet lmao

go check him out he is a nice guy and i feel like him and i will make a great collaberation 

To be or not to be

2017-06-05 06:40:53 by PsioDex

Artwork flowing more freely but slowly dont expect much but that does not mean im stopping the whole chain here.

So i am going back into artwork and i am going to be active more here! check in for updates and new content!

I own a website and my new name is suppose to be PsioDex so check in for updates please thanks! 

Hello peeps..

2017-03-18 18:16:19 by PsioDex

I have decided to return but most likley very inactive, ill keep you updated at least

I do this with my cat

2016-08-05 11:13:29 by PsioDex

5984511_147040997852_P03bQN4.gif(jk i would never)

Recolored the NG tankman

2016-08-03 14:44:13 by PsioDex

5984511_147024980461_WrUNuDl-Imgur.pngrecolored the Newgrounds tankman its not that special yeesh

The amount LOZTP midna porn is too much

2016-08-03 10:11:01 by PsioDex

Why cant we learn to love eachother we all know ur weird in some way but we dont need to fight about it ;)


cant make animations

2016-08-02 12:22:43 by PsioDex

i cannot animate but i wish i could. disclosed